Your business's parking lot is likely one of the largest parts of your building, and it will be subjected to intense abuse over the years. As a result, the asphalt can start to weaken, which can lead to several forms of damage. For business owners that are uninformed about their parking lots, having the following couple of questions answered should make it easier to handle some of the types of problems and damages that your parking lot may encounter. 

Why Would You Want An Overlay Poured?

Eventually, moisture will seep into the asphalt where it can cause extensive cracking to occur. These cracks can grow to be extremely long, and they may run from the surface of the asphalt to the foundation. Not surprisingly, it is essential to repair these cracks or else the damage will simply continue to worsen. 

Unfortunately, this damage can be severe enough that you may think it will be necessary to replace the entire parking lot. Luckily, this may not be the case because it may be possible to have an overlay poured. This is when a contractor pours a relatively thin layer of asphalt over your existing parking lot. In the process, this will seal the cracks that have already formed and it will help to reinforce the parking lot's structural integrity. Contact concrete contractors, like Asphalt Industries LLC, for more information. 

How Should You Address Ice Buildup On Your Parking Lot?

During the harsh winters, it will likely be necessary for you to reduce ice's ability to accumulate on your parking lot. To do this, many people will use deicing chemicals because they are convenient and easy. However, these substances can be strong enough to weaken your asphalt's outer layer and it may even discolor it. 

A more sustainable way of reducing the prevalence of ice is to place a layer of sand over your parking lot. The sand will help prevent water from freezing, and it can also provide traction for areas that do freeze. Another option would be to install a heating system under the asphalt, but this can be too expensive for many businesses to do. 

Ensuring that your enterprise's parking lot is in good shape is important for making sure your customers feel welcomed and safe. Unfortunately, there are many people that lack an understanding about parking lot maintenance, which can lead to serious damages. By understanding the purpose of pouring an overlay and how to safely and effectively reduce the threat of icing, you can help ensure that your parking lot is easily and comfortably accessible by your customers.