A well-maintained concrete driveway is going to serve its intended purpose. While parked on a driveway, a car remains safe from all the hazards street parking presents. What about your house though? A traditional gray-colored driveway does not exactly complement the style of a home. With little bit of artistic creativity, this commonly ignored structure could end up greatly contributing to the look of a home.

Staining the Surface

One brilliant and fairly easy means of enhancing the look of a driveway would be to apply a bright stain top coat to the driveway's surface. Matching the stain to the look and style of the adjacent property brings forth a powerful visual effect. A home comprised of a wooden roof and brown-colored side paneling would look incredible with a matching driveway. The driveway could incorporate bright marble stains blending three or more shades of brown so as to blend in nicely with the property. The swirling marble creates the visual impression of the architectural artistry extending from the home and all the way to the street.

Laminating for Reflections

Laminating the surface of a driveway can be easily done by concrete contractors. In addition to the brilliant shiny new look the laminate creates, the surface becomes home to a display of reflections. During the day, the sun allows the driveway to show off a brilliant mirror image of the house and any surrounding trees and shrubs. At night, when the home is lit up by exterior lights, a similar visual display emerges.

Installing a Stunning Imprint

A driveway looks fairly empty when a car is not parked on one. Carving an imprint into the concrete provides a unique image that captivates attention and turns the driveway into an appealing exterior decoration. A major rule does have to be followed to get the right look. The image on the driveway should be connected to the style of the home in some way. Property with a gothic look could benefit from the imprint of a gargoyle in the driveway. A modern metropolitan styled house will find imprints duplicating the Manhattan skyline to be appropriate.

Correct Flaws First

Before any of these beautification steps are taken, imperfections such as cracks or other damage have to be fixed. Whether the contractor suggests resurfacing work or completely redoing the driveway is going to be based on the concrete's condition. Once the driveway is restored to a pristine look, the task of turning it to a work of art can commence.

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