With the help of concrete stamping and etching, your company can have decorative concrete installed that is intended to achieve a specific aesthetic effect. But for your decorative concrete to continue to look incredible, you will need to implement the right maintenance techniques.

Choose a Decorative Pattern That is Easy to Maintain

Choosing certain design patterns will make the concrete floor easier to maintain. For example, if you avoid the sawcut pattern, you won't have narrow cuts that trap dirt.

Apply a Sealer

A good concrete sealer will keep your floor protected from scratches, dirt, debris and spills, helping the concrete last longer. The sealer will also prevent the concrete color from fading. The method by which you apply it depends on the sealer. Many require that you rent a sprayer, which allow you to more easily control how much of the sealer you apply.

Apply a Wax

As a second line of defense, purchase a floor wax designed for concrete floors. The acrylic waxes are applied to the concrete using a microfiber mop, which won't leave streaks. Solvent-based waxes are applied with floor machines that come with buffers attached to the bottom. Evenly apply at least six coats.

Remove Dust with a Dust Mop

You must dust mop your concrete everyday to keep dirt and dust from accumulating on the concrete and ruining the sealer or stain. Unlike with a vacuum, a dust mop uses static electricity to help the dust and dirt cling to the mop. Shake the dust mop out frequently because the dirt and dust can cause scratches.

Remove Difficult Stains with the Right Cleaning Chemical

Power washers aren't recommended for decorative concrete because they can generate enough force to damage it. Instead, rely on water and cleaning chemicals that are designed to work with concrete floors, especially when removing tire marks, pet stains, and oil stains. Solvents, rust removers and chemical strippers can all remove stains. These should be applied following the manufacturer's instructions and usually with a mop or a walk-behind scrubber.

Save Time with a Walk-Behind Scrubber

To clean the concrete more efficiently, use a walk-behind scrubber and a medium pad. These are machines that can be used under any circumstances that warrant a mop. Simply pull it behind you after applying the cleaning product of your choice. By taking the extra time to maintain your decorative concrete, it will continue to look impressive and you won't have to call your commercial concrete contractors for repairs as often.