There are a number of professions that offer a great deal of time off on a regular basis. For example, it is common for people who work as firefighters or emergency medical technicians to be scheduled for a long block of time and then to have several days off, such as 24 hours on the job followed by 2 or 3 free days. If you are in this situation, you may find that you are bored with so much time off and choose to find a second job.

Because your days off vary dramatically from week to week, it may be that owning a small business is a better fit than trying to find an employer who is able to meet your scheduling requirements. One option that can be quite lucrative is operating a concrete pumping business.


A percentage of concrete contractors' jobs require the services of a concrete pumper. These are generally jobs for which they cannot get the cement truck close enough to the location where the concrete needs to be installed. Common jobs include swimming pools, sidewalks, patios and room additions. By becoming the preferred service provider for several contractors, a small business can generate steady work.


Most concrete jobs that require the services of a pumper are scheduled in advance and can be planned around any scheduling conflicts. Since most concrete contractors also have work that doesn't require pumping services, they are willing to build their schedule around the pumping company's availability.


Operating concrete pumping equipment is a skill that must be learned. The equipment itself needs to be set up correctly to deliver the precise mixture that is needed. Because concrete is a thick combination of sand, cement, and rocks, getting it to flow is not easy. The correct equipment must be utilized for each job and it must be properly maintained to reduce the need for costly repairs.

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Most concrete pumping professionals start by working for someone else. This provides practical knowledge and experience that is invaluable once they are working for themselves.


There is a significant investment required to obtain the concrete pumping equipment. Owners must weigh the different options to determine which rig will provide the most opportunity to bring in revenue. They must consider if new or used equipment is the best option and must have the financial resources to purchase or finance the investment.

Once the initial investment is made, the concrete pumps are designed to be workhorses that deliver consistent results. All the operator must do is stay on top of routine maintenance to keep the equipment running well.

All of this adds up to a business that is ideal for someone who wants steady revenue and a flexible schedule.