Your front porch is the first thing people notice when they are coming into your home. If you have a porch that has paint peeling off of it, it can make your entire home look dilapidated. Use the following guide to learn how to update the look of your concrete porch in just one afternoon.

Remove Any Loose Paint

Use a paint scraper to carefully scrape all of the loose paint from the porch. You need to be sure that you remove as much of the paint as you can so that you can have a smooth, finished look when you are done. Use sandpaper to gently sand down any portions of the porch where the paint cannot be removed to make the surface as smooth as possible.

Clean the Porch

Fill a bucket with warm water and a few tablespoons of dish detergent. Dip a sponge in the soapy water and then scrub the porch from top to bottom. You want to remove any dirt that may have built up on the porch over time.

Choose a Paint Color

Home improvement stores sell a large variety of porch paint from which you can choose. Be sure to select a color that will pair well with the exterior color of your home. You will need to add a few coats of the paint, so be sure that you get enough paint to fully cover your porch. The outside of the can should tell you how many square feet the paint is designed to cover so that you can rest assured you purchase enough paint to finish the job.

Paint the Porch

Use a paintbrush to paint the edges of the porch and then fill in the larger spaces with a paint roller. Allow the porch to dry for a few hours and then apply the final coat of paint over the entire area.

Once you have finished painting the concrete porch, block off the entryway with a ribbon or string to ensure that no one walks on the steps before they are dry. You want to be sure to allow the paint to dry at least overnight before you allow anyone to walk on it to ensure that it has time to dry fully. You do not need to put any protective coating on the steps because the porch paint is designed to withstand the elements and look great for years to come.

If your concrete porch is very damaged, you may wish to get if repaired before you paint it. If so, contact a service like S&W Concrete for an appointment.