Do you want a large patio constructed in your backyard without the task taking a long time to complete? You may want to leave the job to a professional contractor, as he or she can complete the task using commercial equipment like a concrete pump. Find out in this article why you should get your backyard patio constructed by a professional, as well as what the project is estimated to cost.

Why is it Ideal for a Backyard Patio to Be Professionally Constructed?

If you don't make sure your concrete patio is professionally constructed, you can end up having to invest in repairs soon after it is complete. The reason is due to concrete needing to go through a bleeding process before the surface layer is laid out. Bleeding occurs when the excess water that was used to mix the concrete slowly rises to the top of the mixture. The water will eventually evaporate to make the concrete good enough for aggregates to be placed down to complete the surface. If the bleeding doesn't complete, the surface aggregates will crack from the pressure created from the water.

Hiring a professional is also the fastest way to get concrete poured for a large patio. The contractor will be able to use a concrete pump to get the job done, which is much better than handling a heavy concrete mixture on your own. A concrete pump is attached to a truck that will mix the concrete and send it into your backyard via a chute. The chute is able to go over the roof of your house if it is difficult for the truck to get into the backyard.

What Can a Homeowner Expect to Pay for Professional Patio Construction?

The price for getting a patio professionally constructed will depend on how much concrete is required. The use of a concrete pump can also have an effect on the overall price. You are looking to pay a minimum of $1,000 plus for a patio slab that is 10 x 20 feet. The price can be as much as $5,000 to $10,000 if you are getting a patio constructed that is 100 x 100 feet. Keep in mind that adding color or texture to concrete will result in additional fees.

Having a large backyard patio is a great way to get the space for entertaining family and friends. Speak to a concrete pumping contractor, like one from Pumptex Concrete Pumping, so that he or she can construct your patio as soon as possible!