Large things, such as steps and driveways, come to mind when many people think about concrete. However, concrete can be used to make beautiful decorations for inside and outside of the home. Here are just a few creative ideas:

1. Tiny Décor Elements

If you want some small decorations for the home, then you may want to consider using a mold. For example, you can get a mold that has an interesting shape, pour the concrete into it, allow it to dry and then remove it. For Halloween, you could find skull-shaped molds. For Valentine's, you could find heart-shaped molds. You can then do numerous things with these molds, such as attaching them to foam or cardboard and framing it for a piece of wall art.

2. Refrigerator Magnets

This can be a fun project to do with the kids over a weekend. Head to the craft store with your children so that they can pick out their favorite shaped mold. Don't forget to pick up some magnets. Once back home, pour the concrete into each shape in the mold. Before it dries, set a magnet on top of the concrete in the middle. Press down gently without submerging the magnet into the concrete. Allow for it to dry and voila!

3. Welcome Step

With some thick insulating foam, you can easily create a welcome step for your sidewalk leading up to your front door. You will need to create a template of the word "WELCOME" on your computer and print it out. For larger steps, you may need to consult with a printing company in your area that can print out a template of a larger scale. 

Once you have the template, trace the word WELCOME onto the foam and cut it out. You will be using the outline, or form, to create the concrete step rather than the word that you just cut out. Place your foam outline on a piece of plywood so that the word reads backward (this is so that it comes out readable). Now, you can fill it in with concrete. Once it has dried, tear away the foam. It may taking some chipping to get every single piece of foam off of the step. To complete, paint it to add a touch of your own personality or leave it in its original state.  

These are just some of the many simple and creative ways to make use of concrete (like Van Doren Red-E-Mix) at home. If you are planning a project of a larger scale, you may want to speak to a professional about handling the dirty work for you.