At some point, you may encounter a concrete slab that you will need to break up, but you will not have a jackhammer. A sledgehammer can also complete the job, but doing so will require a little know-how and someone in good physical condition. Sledgehammers can get the job done if the slab is four inches thick or less.

Protect Yourself

Wear leather gloves to protect your hands. Wear safety glasses because debris can easily be kicked up by striking the concrete with a hammer and can strike you in the eye. Also, you can reduce the amount of shrapnel by covering the concrete with a plastic tarp before striking it. Be careful when walking on the tarp since it can be slippery and you can easily trip over it.

Begin Breaking Up the Concrete

You will need a pry bar to pry apart pieces of concrete. After you have shattered a chunk of concrete, you would want to use the tip of the pry bar to lift each piece up. You will need to periodically switch between using the sledgehammer and the prybar.

Begin by striking the outer edge of the concrete. Divide the concrete up mentally into squares. Imagine that you are trying to create an X by going across each square. If you are not sure of whether you will need a sledgehammer or jackhammer, spend about ten minutes hitting the concrete with a sledgehammer to determine if you are making any progress. If the concrete is not breaking apart, you will likely need a jackhammer instead.

Remove the Debris

Breaking up concrete can produce a lot of debris that you will then need to dispose of. Therefore, you should consider getting a wheelbarrow and possibly a dumpster, depending on how much concrete you intend to break up. Fortunately, there are concrete recycling services so you do not have to waste the raw materials. They may also come to pick up your concrete debris. If you intend to rent a dumpster, provide the company with the dimensions of the concrete you will be breaking up and they can then decide on the right-sized dumpster for your project.

Hire a Contractor

If you are not able to remove the concrete after a lot of work, you may want to hire concrete contractors. The job may be much more challenging than you anticipated and there is little reason to spend money renting equipment unless you are trained on how to properly use it. Click here for more information on concrete breaking.