Gravel is a cheap way to create a driveway or deter weeds from springing up around the bushes and trees in your yard. If you are thinking about buying gravel for any of these uses, you may want some tips and information on how it is sold, how to buy it and how to transport it.

Gravel by the Bag or by the Ton

Gravel is neither light nor easy to transport. If you buy gravel by the bag, you may pay far more for it than buying it by the ton. Also, buying it by the bag means you will have to find Herculean strength to pick the bags up and put them in your vehicle, and it will still require the use of a truck if you buy just under a dozen bags or more. Instead, buy your loose gravel by the ton. A one-ton load of gravel is cheaper than the number of bags of gravel it takes to equal the same weight, and it is far easier to transport because you are not the one transporting it.

If a ton seems like too much gravel, just remember that this is the total weight of particularly dense objects. It is not how much ground you can cover with the ton of gravel. Usually a ton of gravel will create a short, wide driveway that is perfect for parking your car on when you do not want to park it in your garage. If you need less gravel, you can order it in the quarter-ton, half-ton and three-quarters-of-a-ton load size.

How to Get Your Purchased Gravel Home

Concrete contractors as well as stone landscapers who sell gravel sometimes offer a delivery service for it as well. (When they do not offer delivery, you will have to hire a separate trucking or a transport company that specializes in the pick up and delivery of construction and landscaping materials.) They can load it into one of their dump trucks and deliver your gravel right to you.

You do not lift a finger or move a muscle until the gravel is dumped in your dirt driveway or on your front lawn. Some companies may charge a small fee for delivery, but most of the rest (that offer delivery service) usually include the delivery cost in the price of the weight package of gravel you just bought (e.g., free delivery when you buy a half-ton of gravel or more). Then you can grab a spade or shovel and begin to move the gravel to the areas where you had intended for it to go or use a mini-front loader to redistribute the gravel up and down the length of your dirt driveway. To learn more, contact a gravel hauling company like Reis Concrete Products