As a business, often the first impression that a potential customer has of your business is your parking lot as they pull up. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your parking lot looking great year-round. 

#1 Sweep Your Parking Lot

One of the easiest ways to keep your parking lot looking great is by sweeping it on a regular basis. Make it an employee's job to sweep and clean the parking lot at least a couple of times a week.  

Trash, rocks, nails and other debris can poke holes and contribute to cracks in your pavement. They can also damage the tires of your customer's vehicles and trip them up when they walk across your parking lot into your business. 

#2 Keep Drainage Areas Clean

When you have an employee sweep your parking lot, make sure that they also address all drainage areas, such as basins, ditches and manhole covers. Have them make sure that these drainage fields are not covered with debris. You don't want water pooling up in your parking lot. It can damage your parking lot and it makes it difficult for customers to park and come into your store without getting their feet wet. 

#3 Pull Up Weeds Immediately 

Have your employees who clean your parking lot keep an eye out for weeds. If they ever notice weeds growing in your parking lot, pull them up and remove them immediately. Also, ask them to take note of where the cracks were that the weeds grew up through so you can have the cracks fixed. 

Have your local concrete contractor come out and seal up those cracks; this will prevent further damage to your parking lot's foundation.

#4 Clean Spills

When you or your employees notice vehicle fluids on your parking lot, try to clean them up immediately. The easiest way to clean up leaking fluids, such as oil and antifreeze, is to wash them away as soon as you spot them. If they need more than a little water, you can put some dish soap on the stains, scrub them a little bit, then wash them away.

The fluids that leak out of vehicles can damage the surface of your parking lot and compromise its long-term integrity.

#5 Put a Sealcoat on Your Parking Lot

When it is warm outside, have a contractor, such as Home Outdoor, come out and fill in any cracks that have developed in your parking lot over the last year. Then, have them apply a sealcoat to your parking lot. Putting a sealcoat on your parking lot is the best way to protect the sub-layer and asphalt that make up your parking lot. Additionally, applying a sealcoat to your parking lot will make it look like it's brand new and has just been paved. A new looking parking lot is positive for business.