If you are a homeowner who needs concrete work done, one of the first decisions you need to make is which concrete contractor to use. You may live in an area with a variety of contractors available, so it is important to try to narrow down some of the best options. To do this, you can ask friends and family who they would recommend, check for ratings online, and the amount of time they have been in business. Once you have a condensed list of options, ask each of the contractors the following questions to help you with your decision:

What is the Length of a Typical Job?

One thing to ask potential concrete contractors is how long your job will take. Typically, concrete work at a modest sized home should not take more than a few days. If the contractor provides you with timing estimate that is any longer than that is likely going to squeeze you into his or her already packed schedule. This could mean that your job will not be completed in a timely manner, which is a major disadvantage.

Can You Provide Pictures of Your Work?

You can also ask potential concrete contractors for a portfolio of work they have done in the past. If the contractor has a website or brochures featuring jobs they have done, this is a bonus because it displays professionalism. However, all contractors have to start small and may only have pictures on their phone or printed photographs to show you. If they have no pictures at all, this could either be their very first job, or they have not done work that is worthy of showing future clients.

How Do You Handle Inclement Weather?

One thing all homeowners who have worked with contractors know is that weather can play a major role in how long a job takes. Concrete and rain in particular do not mix very well, so you need to know what the contractor's contingency plan is with regard to bad weather. The best-case scenario is they have checked the weather forecast to ensure there is no rain or precipitation near the time of your job. However, you still need to work with a contractor who has a strong plan so that your project is not ruined. If you do not get an answer to this question that includes the use of rain covering and other protective measures, you are probably dealing with someone who is not overly concerned with your project.

Concrete work is very costly, so you need to choose the best contractor you can afford to ensure you have a good outcome. In addition to these questions, find out the physical location of some of their other work. Ride around and look at it to see if it looks nice. There is no better advertising than evidence of a great product. For more information, contact a company like Hofmann Concrete Construction LLC.