If you purchased a new home that has a pool that is in bad shape in the backyard, you can get it back to looking great again. Below are some things you may be having problems with and how you can repair them. This will allow you and your family to have great fun swimming during the hot summer months.

Cracks in Concrete Pool Deck

If you see a lot of cracks on the concrete pool deck, this can be due to soil settlement at the time of the initial installation. When the pool was installed, the pool company puts backfill around the pool. The concrete deck is installed over this backfill. If the soil was not compacted at the time, then it is not strong enough to hold the weight of the concrete deck. Over time the soil will settle, causing the cracks.

If you have very large cracks on the deck, you need to contact a concrete contractor to repair them for you. If it is very damaged, they may suggest that you replace the deck. If so, never try to do this on your own. A concrete contractor will know how to do this so the deck will stay in good condition in the future.

If the cracks are small, you can purchase some crack filler at a home improvement store and fill them in yourself. To use this first clean out any debris from the cracks and put the filler inside. Level the filler to remove any that is outside of the crack. Let it completely dry before you start using the pool. The filler will come with complete instructions on how to use it.

Rips in Pool Liner

If the pool liner has small rips in it, you can purchase a pool repair kit to repair them yourself. Many rips are above the water line because the sun reflects off the water and onto the liner. Even if the rip is below the water line, you can still repair it on your own.

If you have large rips in the pool liner, this can be very dangerous for anyone swimming in the pool. In a case like this, contact a pool company to replace the liner for you. They have equipment they can use to completely drain your pool to replace it. When finished, they will fill the pool back up and put in any chemicals needed.

Talk with the pool company on how to properly take care of your pool to ensure it stays in good shape for you and your family. For more information, contact local professionals like AAA Concrete Construction Inc.