Precast concrete pavers can be used for more than just paving a patio, drive, or walkway in your backyard. When you are raising a flock of chickens, you are responsible for maintaining the overall environment they live in. Precast concrete paving stones can be used inside your dirt-floor chicken coop and run to improve the health of your chickens and make easier your work of cleaning the coop. Here are some tips to help you use pavers to improve the quality of life inside the coop and run.

Choose Your Pavers

Installing pavers in the coop and run will create a solid surface where your chickens can run and peck, without the threat of wet weather creating a soupy and muddy environment out of the soil inside. Wet mud on your chicken's feet can cause sores to form and not heal, leading to infection and a decline in their health. Additionally, mud can be miserable for you to work and clean out the inside of the coop and run.

First, select the size, shape, and style of the concrete pavers you will be installing inside your chicken coop and run. Or, if you already have extra pavers on hand left over from a previous project, you can install these right into the coop and run. 

Prepare the Soil

You will need to excavate some soil from the ground of the coop and run to make space for the concrete pavers. Depending on the thickness of the pavers, you will need to remove the appropriate amount of soil from the coop and run, or you can choose to install the pavers over the existing level terrain inside the coop and run. 

It can be beneficial to remove the top layer of soil containing much of the chicken's droppings, as chicken poop is considered one of the best types of fertilizers. Place the top layer of soil in a composting pile in your yard to use as compost fertilizer in your garden or flower beds. Be sure to allow the chicken poop to age for at least one year. Applying fresh chicken poop onto your plants can kill them.

Install the Pavers

Make sure the soil is level and compacted where you will be laying the pavers. Lay the pavers next to one another in an arranged pattern. Next, pour sand over the tops of the pavers and use a push broom to fill the spaces around each of them.

If you have any excess sand, push it to the end of your coop or run for your chickens to scratch around in and enjoy a sand-bath. Now your coop and run is ready for the upcoming year's wet weather.

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