Concrete trench cutting is the process whereby a concrete contractor cuts trenches in the concrete you have. This could be trenches in a sidewalk, trenches in a parking lot, or even trenches in a driveway. Yet, why on earth would anyone want a trench cut from the concrete on their property? There are actually lots of good reasons, as the following five reasons illustrate.

You Are Installing a Bike Rack in Front of Your Shop

In major metropolitan areas, it is quite commonplace for consumers to bike everywhere. This is especially true of cities that now have "rent-a-bike" centers, where you can rent a bike to ride and return it to any rent-a-bike rack in the city. Whether you plan to install such a bike rental system in front of your shop or you just want to give cyclists a place to park their bikes, you first need a concrete contractor to cut a small trench in the concrete in front of your shop.

The concrete contractor would use a mini trench cutter to cut a precise, small-width trench in the sidewalk. Then the trench would be filled with fresh, wet concrete. Finally, the bike rack would be positioned in the trench with the soft concrete so that the bottom bar of the rack would fuse to the concrete. Finally, for added security, the rack would be bolted through the nearly hardened fresh concrete in the trench so that it could never be moved.

Your Plumbing Is Buried Under a Slab Foundation

The one major drawback to having a slab foundation is that ALL of your plumbing is buried underneath the concrete slab. When some of your plumbing needs to be repaired or replaced, a concrete contractor has to cut through the slab foundation so that the plumber can get to the buried pipes. It also helps to cut and break up really thick concrete slabs so that a pneumatic hammer (jackhammer) can break up the rest of the floor easier.

You Want to Put Signs or Parking Bumpers in Your Parking Lot

It is not easy to install parking bumpers and signs in a parking lot that had none to begin with. The contractor with his/her trenching and cutting machines can remove slices and bits of the current concrete so that these parking lot accessories may be installed. There are trenching machines that can create such precise cuts that they can do almost any concrete cutting job (given enough room).

You Want to Beautify an Urban Landscape by Transforming a Vacant Concrete Lot

Urban community gardens have been a hot thing for some time now. If you bought an apartment building, and right next to it on the same property is a vacant lot, you can do what you like with it. That includes hiring a concrete contractor to help you cut trenches in the concrete to create places where you, and your tenants, can plant flowers, fruit seeds, and vegetable plants. You can transform this piece of urban landscape into a community garden with the concrete contractor's help, and a couple of good trenching machines.

You Want the Easiest and Cleanest Way to Start Demolition

Demolition on concrete surfaces can be completed any number of ways. However, the cleanest and easiest method is to cut several trenches. Then the cut and trenched concrete can be lifted right off the ground and chucked into a garbage dumpster. It takes less time to do than trying to jackhammer through, break it up, and then clean up the giant, heavy chunks of concrete left behind. Additionally, if you are only demolishing a smaller slab of concrete, you take fewer risks with busting up concrete you do not want to remove.

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